T.S.A. Nationals

May 24, 2012
By Hawkdown BRONZE, Fairhope, Alabama
Hawkdown BRONZE, Fairhope, Alabama
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Last year when I was in T.S.A. we had Nationals in Grapevine, Texas. When I found out I was going to have one of my projects go to nationals I was speechless.(it was a speech so it’s funny that I was speechless) It would be the farthest I would have ever gone from home without my parents to be there to tell me what to do all the time. When I heard we were going by plane I was even more astounded because it would be my first time to go on an airliner. So I had to work a long time on my project to make it the best it could be. So the time comes for us to go and we depart for the airport from my school. Our first flight goes well as we leave from The Mobile Airport and fly to Atlanta, GA. While there we eat lunch and get ready for our next flight to Dallas, TX. While waiting to board the plane someone else from my group and I meet a man who was working on a video game that was not released to the public yet so I cannot say any more about it. We make it to Texas without any incidents. When we make it to the Gaylord Hotel, I am in shock and aw at the Hotel’s size and decoration style. The hotel is a ring of buildings surrounding an area of western décor and restaurants with a large TV on a tower in the middle. All of this is covered by a glass dome that’s supported by the building. The room was clean and roomy. The first day was full of tours and turning in projects and signing up for stuff. The second day was when I built a bridge for one project. This was also the time I first went to the water park that is owned by the hotel. The third day is the day I have to give my speech to only two people and when it is my turn I start to talk and no words come out I freeze up and I come in seventh place. The last full day there I spend the day at the waterpark and eat a huge cookie that cost two dollars and pack my things before the last meeting where new officers are elected and old officers give final speeches after that people trade badges, seeing who has the best badges, and cheating people out of good badges with cheap badges. The last day is full of packing up and people leaving and picture taking for scrapbooks. As we leave the hotel we have to turn around and drive back to pick up someone who got left behind. We finally get on a plane back to Atlanta then to Mobile where we get a bite to eat and then go back to the school to be reunited with our parents. We get our medals and finally go home.

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