Born to be in Boston

May 22, 2012
By Anonymous

Last Christmas, I visited Boston, Massachusetts. I never realized how much there really was to do in Boston. At first we weren’t sure exactly where we wanted to go. We decided to go to the aquarium downtown. We rode the train into town. It was really cold there, even though we never saw snow. The aquarium was really fun; we went to see an Imax show too. The show was about the ocean, even though we intended to go see a show on the desert. In the aquarium we saw all kinds of animals. My favorite was the huge penguin exhibit in the center of the aquarium. Another great part was the giant fish tank in the middle of the winding staircase. I had just gotten a new camera so I took almost over one hundred and fifty pictures just in the aquarium. Next we went to an awesome pizzeria. It was called Regina’s and my dad said he went there when he was younger. To get there we had to walk through a place called the North End. The North End has brick roads and old buildings. The pizza was the best pizza I’ve ever had. When we left we went to a place called Fannuel Hall. Fannuel Hall is an outside market with all kinds of different items. We did not know what else to do so we went back to the train station. The next train that we needed to catch would not arrive until an hour later so we got some Dunkin Donuts coffee. While we were in the train station we saw an extremely intoxicated hobo that had to be escorted out because of his behavior. One of the most amazing parts of the day happened next. We were sitting at a small table, and we looked at a man that slightly resembled Santa. But instead of Christmas had nested on his head, we saw a University of Alabama hat there instead. My mom got super excited and just had to take a picture. We were amazed that we drove all that way and saw a hat that we see so commonly at home. We quickly noticed what time it was and got up and to go catch the train. We caught the train just in time. The day was pretty tiring I guess, considering my mom fell asleep on the way back. Her white scarf around her neck made her resemble Santa just as much has the man that had the Alabama hat and the real beard. When we got home, I sat down and checked my fingers and toes to make sure I had all twenty and did not lose any to frostbite, thank God they were all there. Throughout the whole day I managed to take well over two hundred pictures. That day was by far my favorite day of the vacation even if I did think I was going to die of freezing at some point or another. Needless to say, I slept well that night.

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