Human Rights

May 8, 2012
By Anonymous

Human rights. What are they? Human rights are rights possessed by every human, except that not every human has them. Many countries do not enforce these, much less acknowledge them which are unfair after all those triumphs over the years by many countries, many of which suffered loss, starvation, and hardship over this very cause and devoted themselves to the cause. For example, slavery and the ownership of other human beings. In the 19th century, America, the South specifically was the last to own other people. The civil war was held to settle the dispute over the North and South. If it wasn’t ok back then… it is not ok now. It’s probably more wrong then it was back then because it involves more illegal activity then it used to, back in those days the Southerners were pronounced and held there slaves out in the open, these days it involves illegal transport, selling, and sometimes kidnapping and drugs on top of the other outlandish parts of selling other human beings. It’s so wrong that I can’t even put into words how strongly I feel about this cause. If we don’t start to enforce these rules then there will be more slavery, child laborers, sex slaves and more.

If so many people fought world wars and battles, then how is this fair for the families who lost loved ones? They have to wake up every morning and endure the searing pain of an empty bed or no child to embrace or a mother to receive advice from. Because their children, spouses, and parents went off to fight for our proud countries, this is what we get? Rights that aren’t even enforced in some places. Poverty. Hunger. Sickness. Disease. War. Death. Blood. Loss. Grief. Irreplaceable lives lost on a desolate battle field. A gaping hole in a families heart. Kidnapped kids. Parents that swore to protect their children feeling helpless and lonesome while their child is dragged off to an unknown place. Never being able to walk into the bedroom of a missing kid because the spirit and kindness of the child that once occupied the room clenches onto every aspect of the surfaces.

Human rights are rights for every human. But not every human has these rights because of discrimination or innocence. Life is not fair, especially in certain countries. We need to fix this. My parents always say life isn’t fair. But for me it is. I am fortunate to in a community where rights are enforced and supported.this isn’t just about people who don’t have these rights. Its about all of us.

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