World War 2

April 27, 2012
By Anonymous

Out in the Netherlands during World War 2 the Nazis would go around looking for the Jews and putting them in camps or kill them before torturing them. Or they would put them in a room and poison them. Well, my great grandparents lived in the Netherlands. My great grandparents would help out the Jews by giving them shelter, food, clothing, and everything you need to survive. The shelter had to be underground so the Nazis wouldn’t find it. But the Nazis couldn’t know about this at all. If they would of been caught they would have been shot and killed or severely beaten.

During this time the Jews weren't allowed to receive any news, so my great grandma would go make newspapers and deliver them to the people that didn’t live in the shelter. My Great grandma also made meals and blankets for the Jews. My great grandpa would make furniture and shelter for them. He would steal pigs and other farm to feed his family and the Jews. He couldn’t afford all the food and drinks because of all the lumber he was buying to make shelter and beds. He didn’t just only feed the Jews he would also give homeless people food and shelter. At the age of 7 my grandma would have to learn how to knit clothing for the family. They would have to put dark cardboard paper over their windows so that they could not be seen by the bombers and get blown up. When the children would go to school they would take a train, later the conductor would cry, “Jump!” They would jump and hide in a ditch so they wouldn’t get killed. While at school they almost got bombed and word spread very quickly. Later the war was ended and the Nazis lost! My great grandparents would help the Jews get back to work and build their life back up.

The author's comments:
This piece is on my family history in the Netherlands and how they survived the tragic time.

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