Human Rights, Kony, and More

April 17, 2012
By , Dallas,TX, TX
The 8th graders of Mrs. H’s Language Arts recently used a popular form of communication known as Skype, to talk with a teacher named Emmanuel at a partner school in Ghana. The school Mankrasso JHS B has 8th graders who have been studying human rights and the millennium development goals as well as our 8th graders. A few of the Mankrasso students and teachers will be coming to our School this Thurs. 4/12/12 to compare thoughts on human rights. In the Skype, we compared our lives with Emmanuel. We learned a lot about everyday life in Ghana and how different it is from ours here in the U.S. For example they walk up to 2 miles to go to school and some live so far away they get to stay at school under board. Some of the students have to make more sacrifices than us, like waiting for a brother or sister to go through the school while they work and wait their turn at home so they can go. As for us we generally all have the money to send at least two or more kids to school at a time. The kids from Ghana came and we compared our thoughts, they didn’t really have anything to say that we didn’t, however they did say a few things on a certain infamous criminal in Africa known as Joseph Kony. They said “Kony's rebellion has caused many problems in our Country and displaced thousand of Ugandans especially in the war region. In our school, we have some children who were terribly, directly affected, displaced and traumatized because of Joseph Kony's atrocities, and i think in their next letters to yours they will share their scaring stories. Kony has now left Uganda, hiding in unknown neighboring countries, but the wounds, and the damages he has left are beyond what you can imagine. He has caused thousands of innocent children orphaned, scaring poverty which you have never imagined and wounds on the hearts of many Ugandans and it may take some good years for the region to recover.” Kony really has affected thousands, and I think we need to stop him so go to to learn about how we can stop Kony.

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