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April 13, 2012
By Anonymous

One word, interesting. That is how I would describe my summer. For most teenagers summer is a time to go out, be done with exams and teachers and basically just lie around all day and watch TV. But not for me, summertime is the moment you can feel free, do whatever you want, but basically make the most of your scarce 3 months. I had the most amazing and excelerant time of my life. I took a road trip around United States. I visited national parks such as The Grand Canyon, Yellow Stone and Yosemite. I went to so many places that i had never even heard about. I had the opportunity to live threw stuff that most people only dream of. I won't lie there were days that i wish I could just watch TV and veg out but now looking back on the trip all I can think is why didn't i pay more attention to the scenery. I could have listened more carefully to the boring nature explanations, I could have used a moment to take in this marvelous landscape and didn't ad it will be a decision i will always regret. Now all I ask is you do the same. Don't waste your summer playing video games and chatting or texting. Even if you can't go on a trip organize something take a hike, make a picnic, run a marathon anything just don't waste your time. You only have one life, make the most of it.

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