March 26, 2012
By rhardesty2 BRONZE, Wyandotte, Oklahoma
rhardesty2 BRONZE, Wyandotte, Oklahoma
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You didn’t just become fat! “Finish everything on your plate” Have you ever heard those words before? This isn’t necessarily a bad saying it just depends on how much of whatever you’re your eating is on your plate. Since about 1980 obesity has been on the rise and is now at its highest.
Obesity is caused from mostly the fast food restaurants and the processed foods. In the 1970’s two main ingredients helped fast food chains to sell cheaper and larger portions. These two ingredients are high fructose corn syrup and palm oil. Then all food became super sized. The serving sizes increased along with the number of calories and amounts of sodium and saturated fat in the meals. As we became used to the larger sizes, we started to think of it as normal. Obesity rises wherever fast food is.
The Agriculture fact book says, “The aggregate food supply in 2000 provided 3,800 calories per person per day, 500 calories above the 1970 level and 800 calories above the record low in 1957 and 1958”. This increase in calories is believed to have come from snacking. The childhood obesity rate is also rising. Children today spend hours in front of computers and televisions instead of being outside playing a game with friends or family.
People are becoming lazy. They are too lazy to get up and go fix a home cooked meal. Instead they drive up to a window, pop precooked food in the microwave or oven, or even call a restaurant and have it delivered. Laziness is also believed to be a cause in obesity.
There are many causes of obesity. Whether it is all the junk food consumed or lack of exercise, you can prevent it. Instead of taking the elevator; take the stairs, or even just take an extra long way to where you are going. Watch your weight. Figure out a healthy weight for your height, age, and gender and try to get to that place. When you eat, eat healthy food. Do not grab the food you can eat the fastest. Also, slow down and enjoy the food. When you eat slowly, your mind can tell you more easily that you are full. Only eat when you are hungry. Always drink lots of water. This will help detoxify your body.
Obesity is a growing problem; however, it can be stopped. By just watching what you consume and how much can greatly help to prevent it. Cooking your meals at home can help too. If you cook at home you get to see exactly what is going into your food. Also remember to exercise. No matter how much you control your food, you still need exercise. Obesity may be at its highest right now but with just a few simple things you can help to stop it.

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