Almost Gone

March 12, 2012
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On December 8th 1873, something very bizarre happened in Bristol, England. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Cumpston were visiting the Victoria Hotel on a short holiday. They had a lovely afternoon, and evening was just setting in.

The couple was sitting in their hotel room when the noises began. The sounds came from in and near the room. They were strange, like nothing the couple had heard before. Finally Mr. and Mrs. Cumpston had had enough. Spooked by the noises, they complained to the landlady. She admitted to hearing the noises too, but wasn’t bothered by them. Finally the noises temporarily faded away.

It was three o’clock a.m., the noises had returned. Although; this time it had changed. This time they came with a sensation of the floor giving way beneath them.

The couple screamed and yelled though, their screams sounded unusual. They sounded echoed as if, an invisible presence was parroting them. Unexpectedly the floor opened up and pulled Thomas Cumpston inside, luckily Mrs. Cumpston was able to rescue him. Together, they made a mad dash for a nearby window in which they used for escape.

The couple ran from the hotel, to a close railway station, where they were stopped by the local police, and were soon arrested for disorderly conduct. They were confused to an extent where they thought criminals had tried to kidnap them.

Later in court, the landlady admitted again to hearing the strange sounds, but for some reason couldn’t remember them well. The room in Victoria Hotel was checked however; nothing out of the ordinary was found. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Cumpston were said to have had a collective hallucination and were soon released by the police. To this day there is no explanation of what happened to Mr. and Mrs. Cumpston that night at the Victoria Hotel. Their unique case remains a mystery.

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