To be, a World Traveler

February 26, 2012
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Maybe not today, or ever, I will walk across warm sand, seduced by the sun. I will receive another stamp along the path lead by spirits. Maybe cross through land made of stone, or, love. For myself I will find why; are we here for anything less than a sweet plate of spaghetti in northern Italy, or a slice from the concrete city bound in grease? One day, someday I will know such things. Share them with those who have the same desire to find something more, past the walls of your home. A series of events have brought me to have such a hankering for a glimpse of another world, not so far from me. My grandfather telling me about the small children in Korea, they thought he was nothing less than a god. He brought them oranges and chocolate; a complete delicacy to these children who, many of them, had only ever had a cup of rice, if at all, once a day. How they would thank him ample amounts without even speaking a word. These are the people I want to befriend. To know someone who takes everyday as a blessing. Something other than a highway or a bus full of people pulling back and forth to an office, spending most of their life satisfying someone else. Me, maybe I will fall into a pattern such as this, but young is a word that I can use for many more years. I will use to dream of taking trips, meeting these people, learning a new life. God willing when I'm old enough to use old as a description of myself, I will tell my grandchildren the story of how I was a world traveler, and they will feel the same way I did.

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