February 15, 2012
By Mikayla Hollmann BRONZE, Alleyton, Texas
Mikayla Hollmann BRONZE, Alleyton, Texas
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Over the Christmas break my family and I visited the state of Colorado. I have to say that Colorado is a very interesting place; it’s a world away from Texas. Over the period of time we were there we all experienced new things.

When we first arrived in Denver it was freezing cold! Literally! But it got colder as we slowly drove into the Rocky Mountains. If you have never seen these mountains you defiantly should, there is nothing as magnificent as the valleys and the peaks of the mountains. As you drive in the most common thing you see is everyone is bundled up in large coats and warm clothes. And many are skiing or snowboarding down ‘the slopes’.

By the time we arrived at our ski resort, Keystone Resort in Dillon, Colorado. This is one of the highest parts of the Rocky Mountains, the elevation is 12,408. It was extremely cold and there was snow everywhere. And I hardly ever see snow, so this was a special treat. I learned how to build a snow man and how to make a decent snow ball.

The next day I had ski school, this is not like school it’s just an all-day ski lesson. At first we learned the basics, how to climb up an up a slope and not slide down. Also how to correctly go down and to control your speed, you can control your speed by ‘wedging’. Wedging is putting the front of your skis in an arrow shape, thus slowing you down so you don’t go down the mountain out of control. We started off at a smaller slope, since we were all beginners and not ready to go down a bigger slope. We would get up to the top of the slope by a moving sidewalk that was slanted upward. You had to lean forward so you wouldn’t fall backward to the person behind you. Once you got to the top you would gently push off and slide down the hill. At first we just went straight down, but as we picked up the pace our instructor told us to try to slide from side to side and zigzag.

This was the hardest part, the side to side. I got it a first but as we moved to the taller slopes and went down them faster I couldn’t control my speed and feel quite a few times. To get up the taller slopes we had to take a ski lift. This was fun, you got to see the taller parts of the mountains and it’s a different feeling when your feet are lifted off the ground and you are whisked away to the top. The first time I tried this I feel off when we got to the end of the lift, but I was kindly helped by one of the ski resorts workers.

I eventually got how to ski and didn’t fall, as much. It’s an amazing feeling when you go down the slope; it’s like being a bird and flying. Keystone, Colorado is a great place if you ever are in Colorado you should visit this ski resort.

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