The trip of a lifetime

February 18, 2012
The hot sun is hitting down on me my shorts and my sunglasses on. I look around and what do I see the pure blue ocean and the perfect sand of the beach. But what did I see twenty four hours ago. I saw dirt roads and people who look so skinny that they haven’t eaten in weeks. I’ve seen kids who the most fun they have had is playing in the dirt. The place I’m in is Honduras; I am here on a mission’s trip to build churches and to restore relationships with people. The two paces that I was in this beautiful country are two different places. One is poor and run down but the other is beautiful and rich but yet they are only a couple hours away from each other. But in my entire trip was the best on the first day of being there I got to go and help the Honduras women prepare food and I got to see there every day life. On top of that I got to play with the children and even though there was a language barrier I still had the time of my life. I tried food that I would have never thought I would try and awesome juices that you can’t find in the united states We helped lug up wood so the could build another building and we had a vbs with the kids. I helped build the toilet system so they could have a bathroom when they went to church. But when I t was all over I was sad to leave and to see the sad but yet happy faces of these people. Then I got to go to a resort where again I had the time of my life. I went down the water slide about a million times and had so much fun in the biggest pool I had ever seen. I Got my hair braided and experienced something that will stay with me forever. I went to the crystal blue ocean where the water almost pulled me down forever. I spent time in these beautiful cabins just being with my mom. But also I got to know awesome people while I was there I got to grow closer and stronger to people that is would have never really talked to. I got to share this experience with people who are now like family to me. Best of all though I got to make new relationships with people in Honduras bringing me closer than ever and even though we had a language barrier we were still able to get to know each other through the help of Jesus Christ. In this entire trip changed my life forever. I was able to learn and grow stronger as a person. I got to see things and d things that I will never forget in my entire life. And I got to see the most beautiful country of all Honduras.

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