Persian Soul MAG

February 17, 2012
By Roya Simaie BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Roya Simaie BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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My pure people
Suffered from history’s mistakes
Their pulse in the hands of rulers
But still proud, blue-blooded people,
Pride in their outstanding history
Still hopeful, waiting for their dazzling future
Their soul is my mind.
My colorful homeland,
My holy temple, Persia,
Like a proud cat sitting on the map.
Hunters looking thirsty for a fist of its soil
Afraid of my gaze
Because I’m still here, still alive and vigilant
Watching out for its enemies,
Because I need it,
Its soil is my vein and its oceans my blood,
Yes, this kingdom is my body,
And I’m its soul.

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