Single Forever

January 29, 2012
By anonymous13 BRONZE, Minneapolis, Minnesota
anonymous13 BRONZE, Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Wouldn't you sometimes like to be single forever? I'm sure we've all talked about it... I sure know I have. If I was single forever things wouldn't be so complicated and confusing. I wouldn't have to deal with the stress and emotions that come with relationships. I wish I had a switch, where I could turn on my feelings for people and turn them off. Wouldn't that be nice. Never being jealous, never being hurt. Never having the night where you're mad and hurt and betrayed but you don't have a good reason why. Never having your stomach ache and your skin dancing with goosebumps, or shaking uncontrollably. Never feeling numb inside, when you're lost and don't know what to say.
They say that good relationships go up and down, but are worth it. The only ones I've been in are completely up until the end, where they never seem to stop going down. One endless, long tube headed straight to hell. There is no escape from the pain that they bring, and every time the pain comes back, the numbness makes you forget it just enough to put yourself through it again. Maybe I'll just be single forever, so I can be me and be free, and stop visiting my personal hell.

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