January 20, 2012
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Christmas is not celebrated by everybody. But it is mostly celebrated by Christians. The reason is Christmas is the day that Jesus was born. It comes from the old English Christ maesse (Pasco 1). Christmas is one of the best holidays because it gives you time to spend with friends and family, Thanks to Jesus. The whole story about Christmas is in the bible (Pasco 1). It talks about how Jesus was born in Bethlehem (Pasco 1).

Churches in the 400 B.C. on Christmas day always got divided in two on Christmas because they wanted to celebrate Christmas on their own (Pasco 2). People say that Christmas day which is December 25th was picked because of the pagan festivals. (Pasco 2) The Festivals are on the winter solstice. So that’s why Christmas is celebrated in the winter time.

One thing about Christmas that is good is that people get gifts basically gift giving. The reason that gift giving is a part of Christmas is because the pagan festivals did gift giving when the midwinter festivals were going on. (Pasco 2). But in some countries Christmas is celebrated differently. Instead of giving gifts on Christmas day they trade gifts on New Year’s Day. (Pasco 2).

Sending and handing out Greeting cards also a Christmas custom (Pasco 3). The greeting cards are made and bought to show and express good things on Christmas. (Lee 1.). Greeting cards are not just sent through our country but around the world (lee 1). Saint Nicolas aka Santa clause lived in the 4th century (Compton's by Britannica). He was a 4th bishop (Compton's by Britannica). He was a bishop at a church in what is now turkey. (Compton’s by Britannica).

One of the most important things about Christmas is the Christmas tree. It’s an evergreen tree with lights and decorations. ( It symbolizes Eden. The tree was used in the 17th century in france.( Then it made its way around Europe then Great Britain. Eventually came to the United States. ( But the Settlers brought the custom on December 6 which is St. Nicolas Day (
Another Unique thing about Christmas is Christmas caroling. Since this holiday is filled with cheer and joy the song are also filled with cheer and joy (Ewen 1). In the caroling songs the words can and are usually religious words or other words that are not religious (Ewen 1) the carol songs started as just regular old fashioned dance songs (Ewen 1). But then they just were added into the Christmas spirit as Christmas became about. The word carol means to do a dance move in a spot while singing (Ewen 1).

This tells people about the character of the old carols and how they were (Ewen 1). But not all carols are about Christmas (Ewen 1). They were mostly about other things and other themes or holidays. The first caroling songs were in the 14oos (Ewen 2). The songs were first played in England and talked about topics or politics (Ewen 2). Many of the authors that made up the caroling songs are very popular even now at days. One of the most know writers is Charles Wesley (Ewen 2). He wrote a song in 1793 and the title of the song is called hark (Ewen 3).

In other parts of the world such as Australia and Germany they called Christmas caroling Weihnachtslied which means Christmas song. (Ewen 3). “ But not everyone celebrates Christmas “says Sai Konuri. I don’t celebrate Christmas like everyone else. I just have my friends and family come over for dinner and I get presents and money nothing major”. I don’t have the Christmas decorations on my house like many others because that’s not my culture but I celebrate a little bit of it though but I really like Christmas and I love the break that my school gives us”.

Another thing that is cool about Christmas is the decorations. Decorating for Christmas became an ancient theme (Pascoe 4). In Europe Europeans would bring inside with them these green bows called the mistletoe (Pascoe 4). It was reminding the people who had the mistletoe that in the spring there would still be life (Pascoe 4). In the past it was saying that the mistletoe meant peace and not war. IT meant joy and happiness and caring for loved ones. So that’s why usually under the mistletoe people share a kiss with their loved ones (Pascoe 4).

Christians started the tradition of decorating which gave them a saying “Holly’’ which means freedom and joy. If the people had these leaves with pricks on them then they would be thorns for Jesus (Pascoe 5). So people take it very seriously when they are decorating because they want to represent Jesus and his name. Also his holiday which is his birthday.

So remember not everybody has to celebrate Christmas they don’t have to like it either but it is the time to spend with Jesus because it is his birthday.

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