Visiting Utah

January 18, 2012
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I wake up to the sound of my grandma knocking on the door, and when I answer, asking what I would like for breakfast. After deciding on french toast, she leaves me to get ready for the day. I open the curtains and the shining sun pours into my room, exposing the flower pattern bed, rocking chair, and an old dresser, as well as family photos on the wall dating back to before I was born. The window outside shows a lovely view of the front yard, and the entire city of Provo, Utah below. There are great big pine trees everywhere, lots of green grass, and I can even see Salt Lake in the distance, with the backdrop of mountains and a clear, blue sky. I breathe in the fresh mountain air, and then open up my suitcase. Once I get dressed, I make my way down the hall to my grandma’s pink flower themed bathroom and do my usual morning routine.

Afterward, I walk back down the hallway, looking at framed photos of my family as I go. When I reach the spiral staircase, I walk down with my hand running along the wall so that I can feel the velvet wallpaper, it’s my favorite. Once I reach the cold marble floors at the bottom, I hurry into the living room through the wooden french doors, leading to a warm and toasty wooden floor. The smell of french toast and bacon fills the air and I am ready for breakfast. Oldies plays on the radio while my grandma sings along, and my grandpa sets the table. I say my good-mornings to the both of them before looking out the large window at the base of the room.

The window reveals their back yard, starting with the covered patio equipped with two porch swings, and plenty of flower filled pots. Beyond that, is the grass yard littered with flowers along the edge, a beautiful cherub fountain, and an adorable old bench accompanied by an old style lamp post. The second layer of the yard starts with an old wooden staircase that has vines running up it. This “story” is very small, so narrow that there are only stepping stones on either side for you to walk across, with flowers everywhere. The third and final level, which can be reached by the staircase, is much larger, and shaded with trees. This area has lots of bushes lining the outer edge, and has a cute little cement bench to sit on. After admiring the backyard, I realize my grandma has set my warm plate in front of me.

After enjoying a delicious breakfast, the possibilities of the day are endless! Utah is so beautiful, with tons of trees and vegetation everywhere, especially on the mountainside. I also love the old style of everything there, from my grandparents house and furniture to the way some of the streets in town look. They have many recreational places like parks, museums, and hiking trails. Every time I visit my grandparents, we always go for hikes as well as visit Bridal Veil Falls, a waterfall flowing down the side of a mountain. Its a fantastic sight to see, during any season. My grandparents usually leave it up to me what I would like to do, giving me a ton of choices.

One of my favorite things to do, though, when we aren’t out enjoying all that Utah has to offer, is to swing on the home made swing tied to the tree in their front yard. I usually do this when its almost getting dark, and after a while of swinging and enjoying the view and fresh air, I head to the roof. The roof can be reached through my grandpa’s office up stairs, there is a door that leads right to it. From up there, I have a perfect view of the sunset. Its so nice to be able to relax, and enjoy the beauty of nature and be alone with my thoughts, even just for a little while.

Whenever I am at my grandparent’s house, I am always at ease. It is practically impossible to be stressed out when I am there. In addition, whatever is going on in my life, I can always talk to my grandma about it. When I visit, I often enjoy the long talks that the two of us have, about life, and the things going on in each of ours’. She always knows exactly what to say that really, truly helps me with whatever I am going through. She is one of the few people, if not the only person who can actually do that. I love spending time with my grandparents, and I always have a great time whenever I get the chance to visit them. Its one of my favorite places, and I’m sure it isn’t hard to see why.

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