Family Time

January 12, 2012
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My aunt’s house is located in California in Union City. She is my favorite aunt, my mom’s sister, and she has 2 daughters and a son. I can honestly say they are the best cousins anyone could have. They live in a nice and harmonious neighborhood where everyone knows each other. They have lived there for about 4 years and we visit them usually on summer and winter breaks. We have gone there on special occasions such as my cousins’ first communion, quinceneras, or just for vacation. We are all very close and even though we live in separate states, we stay in touch. When you walk into my aunt’s house, you notice two dogs and her bird. She has a yorkie named Chanel and a chiwawa called candy. They are consistently running around chasing each other and barking while in the background you hear the bird chirping. It’s regularly sonorous and loaded of energy because my cousins are always dashing from one place to another. I adore being there because she is an extravagant cook and she repeatedly arranges us what ever we are craving. My favorite food of hers are her enchiladas and tinga, they are definitely without a doubt the best Desserts are her specialty though; she enjoys baking cakes and brownies. If you were trying to loose weight or be on a diet, being at my aunts would not be smart idea. As full as you are after dinner, you can’t help but eat her desserts. We all have a stupendous time catching up and remembering all of our fun times and memories. Holidays are the best because of all of our family from other states come too and we all get together. There is always a room crowded of energy and the sense of a loving family. On top of everything my aunt’s backyard is definitely a great place. It is relaxing because its full of a variety of flowers and it looks beautiful. Being there makes me feel relaxed and my cousins and I have long and interesting conversations on life.

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