No more war

December 1, 2011
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I am a pacifist; that is my life; I do not like war, and I do not love the swinging pendulum of violence that takes our life for a trip down the psychological path of near insanity. We play violent video games, we watch violent movies and from that, we get an illusion that there is no way that a person of our young age could lose a life. They are wrong.

I have seen the effects of violence upon society; we are heaving in the ruminated mess of violence everywhere. Crime, bullying, and even rebellion have been swept forth from under our feet and have driven us to a land of dogs and wolves where we fight for desire and not for need. I have seen the effects of violence on children; more pushing, more fighting, more toughness, and less of the helping of each other.

Yet here, in this time and age, we find it almost disgusting to even hear about the reports of violence in our streets and in our town. We hear of children bullying other children for the small sake of “she didn’t wear a cool shirt” to “He’s lame”. And what is the result? Even more than now, the teenage suicide rates are higher than what one might expect; people are dying just because of some violence at school!

Bullies are rampant, they prance around…not being stopped, not being challenged, and always running away with their torch of victory burning in violence which they had put on to people. A bully never feels what his victim feels and yet, what do we feel when the villain or the NPC on the games are killed? Do we feel remorse? Do we feel sad? What do we feel? Do we even feel anything when we are the bully to them?

When will the violence stop? When will the mothers look at their children in love and not in fear of the monsters that they may become? When will there be peace in the world? Will peace come after a friend dies, or two? Will peace come when a teen kills themselves because of the violent words or actions of the bully?

There is a world out there filled with violence; people grind their friends down to be “funny” people make fun of the child who can’t afford the newest clothes or game system. There is a world, filled with violence and there are some few whoa re pacifists and who do not want the violence, who do not want the bullies, and who want there to be harmony!!

I am a pacifist; that is my life; no more war and yet here we are, in a dying world with violence consuming us like a flame consuming a pile of wood. Out there, is our playground, out there is where you, yes you, can make a difference, you can be a friend, you can be a peace maker, and you can help in this war against violence. Out there, is our world and out there, is our mission. Some may say that violence is the answer but as for me is say: Stop the violence or stop my life!!!!

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