Natural Hair is beautiful as much as relaxed hair.

November 28, 2011
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As you may know, natural hair (for African American) is kinda coming back to trend...i would say. So let me give you a little bit of a background. A long time ago when slavery was here, blacks didn't have straight,neat,hair. they had kinky,nappy hair. If madame C.J Walker(invented hair grease) and Garrett Augustus Morgan,Sr. (who invented the relaxer),our natural hair would not be how it is today,straight and manageable.Madame C.J Walker and Garrett Augustus Morgan,Sr are the main ones that helped our hair to become more easy to manage so, therefore we should be thanking them,even the ones who are natural.

Everybody wants that manageable hair and straight,shiny,beautiful hair.But who says that natural curly,kinky hair can't be shiny and beautiful.I respect Madame C.J Walker and Garrett Augustus Morgan,Sr for invented helpful hair products but, i think people get kind of starstruck and attached to the relaxer so much that they don't understand that natural hair is just as beautiful.I'm not saying that relaxed people are Nazis but, what i am saying is that sometimes, it seems like people think that natural hair is unattractive when its just as beautiful.

Don't get me wrong, i mean, I'm transiting right now from relaxed to natural so, I'm not bashing nobody whatsoever. I'm just saying,we need to stop this controversial thing about which is better (natural or relaxed?). We're all human,we just have different tastes and different personalities.

I love relaxed and natural hair, i think all hair is beautiful, i think there is no such thing as Good hair or Bad hair because everybody is unique an everybody has their own style.

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