One of Detroit's Gems: Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit

December 10, 2011
According to Forbes Magazine, Detroit is America’s most miserable cities. They say that the downturn in the auto industry, the crime, and unemployment rates contributed to Detroit’s condition. It is true that Detroit is not at its best, but there is still good in the city.

Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit is one of the many gems of Detroit. Internationally Acclaimed, Mosaic is a non-profited organization and was founded by Rick Sperling in 1992. Mosaics mission is to give young artist professional performing arts training and to shape them into the artists that they are destined to be. They encourage the kids to reach out to the community and perform for nursing homes, boy’s homes, hospitals, etc. Also, they teach inner-city kids leadership skills, working as an ensemble, and how to utilize their talent to their potential. Not only do they encourage these kids to become great artists, but they also encourage them to become great scholars. According to their website, 95% of Mosaic's Youth Ensemble members graduate from high school and continue on to college.

As a sibling of a member of Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit, I see first hand the effects of this organization. My sister is able to do what she loves, to perform. She along with the rest of the members is able to touch and inspire their audiences through their craft. According to my sister, that is one of most rewarding things about Mosaic.

This past weekend at The Detroit Institute of Arts, from December 9th through the 11th, they held their annual Winter Wonderland Christmas performance. The stage was decked with beautiful Christmas decorations and the theater was packed. During the performance, there were times were I laughed, cried, smiled, and was inspired. There was no doubt that the actors, singers, dancers, and their instructors worked very diligently to give a spectacular show. Their efforts and talent shined through that night. I applaud Mosaic Youth Theatre for what they did and are continuing to do for Detroit.

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