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December 8, 2011
By Coolio2k11 SILVER, Ulaanbaatar, Other
Coolio2k11 SILVER, Ulaanbaatar, Other
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I have never been abroad until this June of 2011. I went to Singapore to study and improve my English language. But even before i got to the airport i was thrilled like a small child who was going to buy a new toy. There my grandmother and my father came to see me off. And so i went with only a handfull of Mongolian friends.
On my way to Singapore i had my very first flight. It was a whole other thing than what i had imagined. I never felt my body weight forced back to the chair so lightly. And the view was beautiful. The flight didn't take long. Only about 3 hours to North Korea. From there 5 long sleepy hours to Singapore. But the "Korean Air" passenger planes were fancier. It had small computer built into your front seat's rear. So it was a lot of fun.
When we finally arrived in Singapore at the airport at 4 o'clock in the morning we just couldn't believe the summer heat.It was all humid and very very hot. It was a bit hard to breathe at first but we all got over it. The van from the hostel that we were supposed to stay came up exactly on time and we all got in the van and went to the hostel.
It was a cozy small place. In the basement there was the recreational area, next to it the cafeteria. Second floor was the boy's floor, and the third was the girl's floor. After we settled in for the night the next morning came really quick. From then onwards it was basically school in the mornings, and back to the hostle at noon. In the afternoon we go sight seeing.
There the most enjoyable place for me was the "Universal studio's park". It was a fantastic place. I'll never forget the roller coaster ride. It was also one of my very firsts.
Excited at first i forgot my ticket. But i found it eventually. The 2 foreign teachers who were looking after us Mongolians were also a bit excited. When it was finally our turn to ride the blue coaster my heart was pounding faster then ever. And then i heard the word "ignition" after buckling my seat belt and we started to move. It was the most fun, heart pounding moment ever yet in my life. But after that i went on the red coaster which was even more exciting than the blue one.
I was enjoying it so much i went on it again and again. Every ride was much more exciting than the last. But before i knew it, it was time to leave. So we all left the wonderfully fun "universal park"
Also another one thing i found very great was all the foreign friends i made. The only language we used to talk was English and nothing else. Most of my friends were all Vietnamese. But there were 2 other French boys which i became close friends with. Their English was a bit poor but after a week of non stop English their speaking improved a lot. So did mine.
Before i knew it 1 month had flown by in such a short time. And it meant that it was time for us to
go back to our country. It was a bit sad really, to leave all the friends that i'd made and while we were getting to know each others very well. Besides we just couldn't resist the call of our country. At that particular time it was the national celebration of Mongolia called "Naadam". "Our timing just couldn't be more perfect" said our teacher. And so when we came back to our cool little country in the middle of ASIA we just knew there's no place like this.
This was a great experience for me because one day i just might study abroad. So i got a taste of what a young foreign student's life would be. And it'll be great if i could ever go to another foreign country. Because i knew the world has a lot to offer for us young ones and our minds are like empty bowels needing to be filled.

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It's my first essay in a long time.
I hope i haven't lost my touch.

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Saleha SILVER said...
on Oct. 11 2015 at 9:24 am
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ElsyM GOLD said...
on Sep. 15 2013 at 2:43 am
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"AWWW!!! I have found someone else who loves SG! " That was my first reaction upon finding this article.   It was great, truly. Thanks for writing this article. I'm a student, and I know how hard it is to be one.   I've traveled a lot, and I actually used to live in SG, so I'm glad you liked it. 

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