Mackinac Island

November 22, 2011
By Mikayla97 BRONZE, Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania
Mikayla97 BRONZE, Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania
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Mackinac Island is really one of the best places to live and vacation. Mackinac Island is located in Michigan. There is only one way to get to Mackinac Island, by ferry. Once you get to Mackinac Island, you will be greeted by unpolluted air and the aroma of the world’s best fudge. There are so many reasons to come to the island, but here are just a few of them. These include transportation, fudge, and attractions.

Mackinac Island is truly an all-natural island. Thus there are only three ways to get around the island, which do not include causing pollution. Running and or walking is one of the ways to get around the island, this technique allows you to get exercise. Another is biking. Bikes can be rented or brought to the island and they also allow you to get exercise. The technique is riding around on a horse-and-buggy. After a long and tiring walk you can sit down and rest, or for a romantic evening you can also ride on this around the island.

When you are at the island almost all you will smell is fudge. There are many shops on Mackinac Island, but many of them are fudge shoppes. All the fudge stores sell different kinds of fudge too! With so many flavors, I guarantee there will be a flavor that you like.
The last reason is because there are some spots on the island like golfing. Sightseeing is also available on the island, due to such beautiful buildings and landscape. Buildings were made by the Victorians, and therefore they are so different, yet beautiful. Museums and are one of the highly viewed attractions that are on the island. Mackinac Island is a very relaxing place to go, as well as interesting and with so much stress these days, why don’t you book your stay today!

The author's comments:
I wrote about this place because I was thinking about where I wanted to go this summer, then i remembered when my family all went to Mackinac Island [mac-in-all eye-lend]. I hope people will think about going here for their own vacations, or just to get away. This is what i hope people will get out of this article.

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