Dependency on Electronics

November 4, 2011
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Each day when I arrive home after a long day at school, what is the first thing that I grab when I walk through my door? The answer is simple and probably universal for many high school students: An electronic of some type. Every day, an overwhelming majority of high school students come in contact with electronics, whether it is a computer, Ipod, or video game. Forget just high school students, but our society as a whole has become too dependent on electronics for work, school, and entertainment.

Over the years, our society has become more and more dependent on electronics for various things. Children nowadays use electronics for their source of entertainment. Before electronics became immensely popular, children used to play with other kids in the neighborhood outside. Children used to play various sports or other games that got them moving and active. Back then, children learned social skills at a young age by playing with others. They were able to learn how to communicate and work with others by playing outside. Now, children will not be able to learn social skills efficiently and as early as they used to. Also, children are not as active as they used to be. For their form of entertainment, children sit in front of a TV screen or computer screen and are therefore encouraged to be lazy. This also encourages children to be less active and will cause problems for them later in life. Children are also not exposed to the fresh air and outdoors as frequently as they used to. Children rarely go outside just to enjoy themselves. Technology could also have an impact on children’s imagination. Before technology was popular, kids used to use their imaginations to play and entertain themselves. Nowadays, all children have to do is press a button on the remote and do not need to use their imaginations for entertainment. Currently, entertainment is a button away.

Cell phones are just another example of how our society is dependent on electronics. Millions of people own a cell phone and feel that cell phones are necessary in our current society. For example, many high school students have now become dependent on texting. People feel it is easier to text others instead of talking to someone face-to-face. Texting and talking on the phone too much could cause people to lose their social skills over time. I believe that if our society continues to use virtual communication as much as it does now, people will lose the ability to easily converse face-to-face. People have become less connected to the “real world” and more connected to the “virtual world.”

While I do believe technology has done wonders for the world around us, I think society has been abusing it. Technology has helped our world become more connected than ever and has helped us progress in many different ways. Technology has had many positive impacts on this world, but we have currently become dependent on it. Many people may argue that technology has helped us become more globally connected and has helped us advance in many different areas. I agree with both of the previous statements but I also believe that people have become too dependent on it for sources of entertainment and for school and work reasons. People need to step back for the electronics for a certain period of time each day and enjoy the “real world” around them, rather than the “virtual world.”

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Bearsfan96 said...
Nov. 14, 2011 at 9:59 pm
Beautifully written! I can relate to this completely! You are truly an amazing author! :)
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