October 28, 2011
By stark680 BRONZE, Bedford, Kentucky
stark680 BRONZE, Bedford, Kentucky
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My dream when I get out of high School is to go to college on a Golf Scholarship, and get a pilot’s degree. Hopefully before I get out of High School ill already have my pilot’s license because you can get them at the Greenwood Airport in Indiana at really any age. It will save me a lot of money when I get in college.
If you were a Pilot you could travel around the world and go to every state. And also you can fly your family for free if you’re the Pilot. You can fly for different plane companies for example: Delta, Southwest, American Airlines, and continental.
Being a Pilot take’s a lot of responsibility. When you fly a plane you have to know what controls and use the petals correctly. Also all the passengers rely on you to get them from place to place as safe as you can. The inside of a plane where the Pilots sit it’s called a cockpit. A cockpit is where all the controls and the petals are to control the plane; there is a lot of different buttons you have to push for example: put your wheels down.
Becoming a Pilot will make you a lot of money, they make bank. You are away from your house for a few days. There is a lot of Pilot’s in the world that has a nice house and other nice things. But I want to have those things and be able to do the job I really want to do. I think that I will love this job no matter what.
So remember next time you want some money and you would like to be in the air a lot think of Pilot. Most people are like, being a pilot is awesome. I would love to be a pilot for Delta or Ups. When I think of a pilot I think of me being that when I get older.
I have an uncle that is a pilot and his house is huge. He was two Lexus cars and he lives right across from the Summit in Louisville. They can do anything they want because he ships stuff for Ups on the plane. They have a granddaughter and she is spoiled rotten. He is the guy I look up too when I think of a pilot, he tells me about the controls and how fun it is.

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