"Life itself"

October 13, 2011
By LilJerrell BRONZE, Harvey, Louisiana
LilJerrell BRONZE, Harvey, Louisiana
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People believe that life is a big globe called earth. There are some things around that globe that completes just, the universe. Life isn’t just about a planet revolving around the sun. Its not about plant life, or animal life. Its including these things, but that
doesn’t complete life itself.

Life doesn’t appear to be easy as people make it sound and look. So many things in life aren’t what they appear. Never doubt a type a type of power this world (life) brings us. Such as, mother nature , which is a huge part of life.

Many chances are given, and many or not taken. People must take there place in life. You cant just sit back and expect good luck to come around and hit you. Not too many of those come around. Think about it, you have to work to become a lucky man,or women. In other words hard work pays off……….

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