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September 25, 2011
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When picking the perfect locale for your next vacay, things can get a little heated. Little Timmy wants to go to the beach, Dad wants to go hiking in the mountains, and Mom just wants to shop, and no one’s ready to concede. Never fear, Central Washington is here. Smack dab in the middle of the 42nd State, we’ve got it all: Magnificent mountains bearded in thick, evergreen forests; pristine waters and sandy beaches; and just a sprinkling of shrub steppe to top off the natural diversity. With four full seasons, no matter what time of year, Central Washington has something for you.

As the sun hangs high in the clutches of the sky on longest day of the year, visages of soft, sandy beaches and crystal, cool waters fill your senses. For all sufferers of Oooohbeachitis, Chelan, Washington is the cure for you. Wrapped around a mountainside lake, Chelan draws beach lovers from all over the state and beyond. The white sands call to sun tanners, picnickers, and beach volleyball enthusiasts, while the dazzlingly clear waters keep swimmers and fishermen entertained for hours. Just off shore, the 55 mile-long watery playground caters to boaters, kayakers, wake boarders, innertubers, jet skiers, and many more. The warmer, southern waters of the Lake, constantly abuzz with the hum of engines inviting you to join in, are perfect for social butterflies. Or, if getting lost in nature is more your thing than a busy beach scene, seek the quiet tranquility of the north end of the lake. Beyond Fields Point Landing, for example, cell phones don’t even work; talk about isolation. Wherever you go on the Lake this summer, you’ll have a great time on the recreational center of the state.

When the crisp fall air starts to bite and a fiery crescendo of leaves pirouette to the ground, the crowds start to ebb from Chelan, but Central Washington is still the place to be. Pumpkins grow plump on twisting pigtail vines, while children squeal gleefully as they race through corn mazes. Rosy-red salmon find their way back up stream, just as face paint finds its way onto the cheeks of children exploring the local fairs. Meanwhile, local hiking and walking trails, such as the Blackbird Island trail in Leavenworth, showcase the vast natural beauty of the forested foothills of the Cascades. After feasting your eyes on the changing colors in Leavenworth, pop by one of the many delectable restaurants downtown, such as the bustling burger joint, Gustav’s, or the more refined Italian restaurant, Viscanti’s. Feel that chill in the air? Fall won’t last forever, but the exciting opportunities in Central Washington will.

As white fluffy flakes fall from the sky, skiers and snowboarders come from all over to hit our local slopes. Mission Ridge, just south of Wenatchee, buzzes with constant activity from the first snow fall until the valley thaws back out in the spring. Tiny tots tinker around on the bunny slope while seasoned veterans tackle the exhilarating black diamond runs or race down the rousing slalom. Skiers and snowboarders alike seek serenity on the mountain top, and are rarely disappointed. While the snow pounds down outside, the mountain lodge brims with mouthwatering aromas and the gentle thrum of friendly banter. Or, if the chairlift just isn’t your scene, check out the many treasures the small Bavarian village of Leavenworth has to offer. From the frosted, gingerbread-esc tourist shops on the main drag, to the scenic cross-country ski and snowshoe trails, this Santa’s village has something for everyone. Those looking for a special get-away, can indulge in the 5-star Sleeping Lady Resort. Nestled in the mountains and bounded by the Icicle River, guests enjoy gourmet cooking, a heated pool, and immediate access to local ski courses. So no matter what you’re looking for this holiday season, Central Washington has you covered.

Drip drip drop little April shower, Bambi’s awakening, and so are the hills of the Wenatchee Valley. Verdant green roots reach up to a fresh, new sun, as balsamroot blankets the hills in gold. Bikers and hikers trek the Saddle Rock and Sage Hills trails, while hardcore athletes make their annual pilgrimage to the valley for the Ridge to River race. While the racers take their mark, the sizzle and pop of fried food fills the air downtown at the Food Fair, accompanied by live music, and the chorus of families out enjoying the spring weather. Down by the river, the carnival springs to life over night, a whir of lights, music, and cotton candy. Crowning off our spring festivities, the Apple Blossom Parade rolls through town. Princesses wave from atop glittering floats, while flashing police motorcycles do figure eights, and horses clop in the rear. Crowds flock from all over the state to recreate their own favorite childhood experiences with their own families. Ready to create your own memories? Then pack your bags and come visit us in Central Washington. No matter the season, we’ve got something for you.

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MoonlightPath14 said...
Aug. 31, 2012 at 1:21 pm
Oops, sorry, I didn't mean to most twice. My laptop is being slow and I thought it didn't post the first comment. :(
MoonlightPath14 said...
Aug. 31, 2012 at 1:18 pm
Beautifully written! Chelan is my favorite ;)
MoonlightPath14 said...
Aug. 31, 2012 at 1:14 pm
Beautifully written! Chelan IS breathtaking as well as the other places you mentioned. Great job!
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