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A Simple Life Beyond the Stars

September 23, 2011
By CalvinBoyo BRONZE, Oakland, California
CalvinBoyo BRONZE, Oakland, California
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The thought of a life saturated in lies unfolds before me with the setting of the sun. As I gaze into the ray of light that reflects from the surface of the water, I begin to wonder what it is that I truly want. I’m not even sure if my materialistic desires even mean anything to me; they all seem more like a nuisance rather than anything that can make me happy. The tireless addiction to the media-induced trends don’t seem to appease the desire, neither do the insane graphics of a “larger than life” I-phone. To me, the more I think about what I can achieve, underachieve, and grasp with my hands makes me doubt the greatness that is life. Getting straight “A’s” on my report sounds more like a joke than an achievement; the gratification of displeasing my parents with improper attitude feels no longer gratifying; the idea of become becoming a doctor disgusts me to my rotting core; and holding the latest piece of interactive gizmo feels colder than the metal hands it was created from.

The more I think about all that, the less sense I can grasp from my own reality. But as I do think, the simple life under the stars seems so much more befitting. There seems to be a tread infecting the minds of everyone: the reinvention of popularity. The complicated lifestyle of keeping up with the demands with who you know and what they do is taking over a part of us that conceives and desires. It seems that this is the new world. No longer do I hear the teenage aspirations of living on a private island with their soul mates, rather Facebook, twitter, and games are corrupting their minds. I can that their lives are intoxicated with the 21st century advances, and the idea of simply enjoying the simplistic lifestyle no longer seems appealing.

Whereas the world becomes trapped in its own conscience, I’m looking towards the other direction. There’s a life beyond here, maybe even further than I know. It’s a sanctuary just past the heart of nowhere. Maybe it’s the Caribbean island off the coast of South America, or maybe it’s in the twisty river deltas of Vietnam. I come to believe that wherever this place may be, I’ll find something that’s become lost in the years: calm. A sprawling wonderland of endless beauty, followed by a grandiose pasture of edible happiness and snow white desert – if this world were to exist, I’ll find it. Maybe something so perfect doesn’t exist and I’m promising myself a lie that’ll waste my entire future, but at least it something that makes more sense. It’s an attainable goal that I tend on accomplishing, albeit the hardships and ridicule by my fellow media-monkeys. It’s realistic, whereas the world will always make a new piece of gizmo, even when your time passes. It’s not an endeavor for everyone, only the truly dedicated to the simplistic and untainted beauty of life. Life is beautiful in more ways then one, but I find it most beautiful at it’s rawest and fertile stature; the promised lands beyond the stars.

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Life in the eyes of a beetle

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