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September 1, 2011
By Otherworldly GOLD, Mississauga, Other
Otherworldly GOLD, Mississauga, Other
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"You call on one wolf you invite the pack,"

Trevi Fountain is grand and spectacular. In the centre, Neptune rides proudly on his sea shell chariot by two conflicting horses. One horse is calm and obedient while the other is feral and hectic resembling the unpredictable moods of the sea. The fountain itself symbolizes the great Romans taming the wild ocean to corporate with their empire’s needs. I felt a real connection when visiting this fountain at night, while people from all over the world did as I and gazed at a remarkable creation, throwing their coins over their shoulder in hopes to return to brilliant Rome again. There is something majestic when a group of strangers can come together and ponder the greatness of the past; I thought it was spectacular.

I feel the fountain is beautifully constructed and has the right amount of symmetry and symbolism to be considered a work of art. I believe it was wonderful idea to build this fountain at the end of an aqueduct because it highlights one of Rome’s greatest inventions. I like the fact that there are pieces of history in Rome that doesn’t mainly focus on cruelness but on the progress Romans brought on civilizations. Furthermore, I feel people can see that although the Romans were cruel they had a side of beauty to them, one that allowed them to imagine such splendid architecture that the world could be proud of. I suppose back home we do have beautiful fountains but I don’t think any resemble this symbolic master piece. For something to be great it has to have an interesting history to accompany and I believe Canada has past that point in time to built great monuments. However, as young as Canada is we still have great accomplishments but in the present day our community expresses our success differently. A simple park or community center is created nowadays instead of grand monuments because they are useful and will hold more meaning then a block of cement with beautiful carvings in it. I don’t feel like our modern culture will appreciate arcs of triumph or fountains as they would in the past. Overall, the experience was worthwhile and I hope the coin I threw over my shoulder will bring me back to this wonder place.

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I went to Trevi Fountain at night and was struck by this mystical sensation. People were all about and happy and it was contagious. Furthermore this fountain reminded me that even though the Romans had a cruel empire they also contributed to the growth of mankind. And that itself is something to admire.

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Sara_Koontz said...
on Sep. 7 2011 at 8:53 pm
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I loved the ending. Especially the last sentence :)

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