Religion gets in the way of relationships?!

July 31, 2011
By NeverGrowUp BRONZE, Coolumbia, Maryland
NeverGrowUp BRONZE, Coolumbia, Maryland
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Love is letting go of all that fear.

In a lot of religions its considered a sin or a VERY VERY bad thing to be gay, bi-sexual, lesbian, or transgender. A lot of kids are expected to feel a certain way, even though they might have to cover up there real feelings to do so and to please there parents. Teens or people in general shouldn't have to cover up who they are in order to please there family members. If your parents don't love you for YOU then to tell you the truth they weren't that good of parents to begin with! It might be easy to except that your parents are disappointed in you for who you are but if you don't come clean then you wont only be lying to your parents but to yourself. LOVE YOURSELF... try not to care about other peoples opinions!

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