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June 8, 2011
By rdntboy BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
rdntboy BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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Dear mom and dad
Wisconsin dells, that is the first true fun I really had that I remember. I mean of course there is always those fun things you do everyday but this was the first major thing I remember. Dad, I remember how I was to small to go on the go karts alone and how you put me in your lap and we raced around the track going so fast, well at least it seemed fast, until uncle Devin in other words big D came flying around us. I also remember our first time going to six flags and how pale my face was when we were at the top of the raging bull; it was so funny the way we freaked out when the fake drop came. You were just like “oh man here we go”. I also remember the small things that were life changers; For example getting that Sega Genesis. I would a probably never been a videogame freak if it weren’t for that bloody Sega. I am always going to comeback to you smashing my video game which was also a small thing that taught me a life lesson. That lesson was never to make you angry when you got a hammer and one of my favorite things in your hand. I will also never forget about the time that we went flying in that helicopter and you said “wow those trucks look like matchbox cars from up here”. That was back when I actually used to collect them. I remember how you were always behind me when there were problems at school. Just like way back in fifth grade when you came and talked to the student that was trying to hit me after school every day. How even though I lied to you about telling the teacher already you understood why I did it. Not only did you do that but you had also shown me a safer way to get home, I am glad you thought of it because I wouldn’t have. Now it would seem like common sense but I just didn’t think of those things when I was a kid.

Mom, I remember how you watched me swim in the wave pool at Wisconsin dells bobbing up and down as the waves rolled into me. I remember your favorite coaster at six flags the Demon, all those turns that whipped you around like a ragdoll, and that first drop that made your guts float to the top of your head. I also remember when you got me that pet iguana which we named Rex. Its to bad it died 4 weeks later, it didn’t even get to get big before it croaked, that taught me the meaning of death at a young age which I guess can almost be good because I learned to respect it more. Loosing that iguana was tear jerking at such a young age. But you were there to comfort me and help me get threw my first loss. Now I am older and now more important people in my life are dying the older I get. And of course I still got you guys to help me get threw the deaths and make an actual learning experience out of death. You were always there for me when I was in pain and you always listened so good to what I had to say and then helped me threw what ever was going on that upset me.
You guys are the best parents child could ask for, I want to thank you for always being supportive of my decisions in life even if there not what you want me to do. Like joining the marines even though you both really don’t want me to. Instead you tell me you want me to do what I want to do and support my decisions anyway. You have also been so generous by getting me the things that I want even though at times we can be a little short on money. Like when you gave me the money to go get the Play Station 3. Also how you have always been very helpful when it comes to my education, like grounding me so I will concentrate harder on the things I need to do. Even though I hate you for it, it truly does help and I am thankful for it whether it seems like it or not. Now that I am older I don’t need to be in your lap when were driving in a car I can do it all by myself and the next time we go to Wisconsin dell maybe it will be me speeding past you.

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