Chinua Achebe

June 13, 2011
By Anonymous

Ibo culture comes from Africa. Ibo is a culture with many different perspective. The Ibo and American culture is very different. Gender roles, rights and ways are different.Ibo culture has different roles for the me, women, and children. In the American culture men , women, and children have different jobs than the Ibo. In Africa the men are considered more powerful than the women which means they are the head of the household. Men can also have more than one wife. Having more than one wife shows the husbands status. Men are suppose to work in the fields or tend to familt live stock. Women are required to have a income. They live in their own huts and all their children live with them. They are required to do all the household chores and take car of the husband and children. The male sons and female daughts are suppose to show rediness for marriage. In the American culture , the men are to bring in the big check to supposrt the family. The women are to
work as well but to make sure that dinner is ready. The responsibilty of the children are the same. Children must go to school and househole chores.If the IBO and American culture were to switch places the IBO's would enjoy life and they would think that we have it easy. American's wouldn't be able to handle it. There would be a lot of sidagreeing. American women wouldn't like the men having power over them. The children wouldn't be obedient especially the female's. Life would be diffucult for American's. As teenager we would was the right to marry if we wanted to , we wouldn't want to be forced. The women from the IBO culture would love to the american women role.Amereicans and Ibo's dress different. American women like tight clothes and some is even revealing. IBO women wear clothes that don't show skin and respect their body. American women wouldn't wnat to be covered up and they would want their own style. Ibo women wouldn't like the way that
american women dress because we don't respect their bodies. American men wouldn't like the way Ibo men dress because it plain and the style that men wear now a days doesn't match a cloth wrap like Ibo's. The Ibo men would like the way American men dressed because they have style and our clothes shows the kind of person you are.I think that the Ibo's like american clothes because they can have their own style no matter what.

As you see the Ibo's and the Americans are very different. I don't think the Americans would like the way the Ibo's lived , but the Ibo's would like the way the Americans lived because of the freedom.

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its about a book i read

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