Cardigan Mountain

June 9, 2011
By Anonymous

As we hiked up the vigorous trail to Cardigan Mountain's summit I noticed that nature really is beautiful. With my small group of fellow hikers we started our expedition up the trail. We passed many beautiful trees and flowers along the way. Until we reached the first peak, huffing and puffing. There were many beautiful and rare lady slippers hiding beneath the canopy of trees. I gazed out, and saw what I thought was one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen, but I had no idea what was coming next. As we hiked to the next peak there were many more beautiful trees and other plants along the way. We reached the next peak, above tree level. Once again I thought this was one of the most beautiful views. From the never ending trees extending to the mountains to the different shades of green of the trees, almost like a pallet of different shades of green paint. We went on to the next and final peak, Cardigan Mountain. Now this, this was a beautiful view. It was spectacular, from the Appalachian Mountain range spread out in front of your eyes, to the beautiful cloud covering, like a marble. The moment that I reached the summit, is the moment I realized nature really is beautiful.

The author's comments:
This was written after hiking Cardigan Mountain in New Hampshire. The hike inspired me to write about the beauty of nature.

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