My American Friends

June 9, 2011
By Anonymous

Hello! My name is Frank. I am Taiwanese, and I was born and raised in Taiwan. I came to America when I was twelve, and have been educated in the states. While in school, I also made a lot of friends as well. I call them my American friends. Thanks to them, I started to understand the difference between American culture and Taiwanese culture. Because of the differences we have, there were very funny things that happened between me and my friends.

One time I remember, we went paint balling. Paint balling was fun, but my friends and his father’s actions shocked me. During the paintball game, my friend shot his dad in the shoulders, I was really worried that my friend would be in trouble, and then it turned out my worry was unnecessary after all. After the game, my friend was really excited and told his dad how he shot him in the shoulders. At that that moment I was afraid that the old dog could not handle the younger dog that had just beat him in a fight and would punish the younger dog. Instead of that, his father spoke to him, “Great job, son, you would have killed me, if those were real bullets, you will become a great soldier.” As shocking as it sounds, his father actually gave him fifty bucks as reward. I have to admit, I never saw anything like this, getting money by shooting at his father in paint balling.

In our culture, we do not hurt our parents under any circumstances. We should never fight against our own parents. If you hurt them, you are considered a horrible son or daughter. We have been taught to treat your parents and elders with great respect. Things like shooting your parents with paintball guns will never be allowed in our society. That is why I was worried about my friend when he shot his dad in the shoulders.

At the end of the day, I knew that my friend and I do not have the same background, but we both have a cool family.

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