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June 5, 2011
Fly fishing is considered an art form. There is finesse and skill involved to be able to land that tiny little fly in the exact spot to land a fish. Practice is the only way any angler can become better at this skill. Except, what if where you are changes your chances of catching fish? What if you are only an amateur angler, but the place you fish makes you an expert? The Henry’s Fork Idaho is the true Mecca of fly fishing that cannot be denied.

Henry’s Fork is located in the northeastern part of Idaho near the border of Montana. There, the Rocky Mountains tower everywhere, and clear streams hold the key to the best fly fishing. Henry’s Fork is the ultimate destination for fly anglers because, “It has something for fly fishermen of all skill levels” (Tullis). There are a variety of places to fish at Henry’s Fork which allow the angler to make the experience any way they want it to be. There are no boundaries or limitations when it comes to fishing at Henry’s Fork. Anything a fisherman can dream of from still water at Henry’s Lake, wild streams in Cardiac Canyon, or wide rivers at Ashton. All of these physical features combine to make Henry’s Fork, a place designed for any fly fishing experience.

There are other great fly fishing places throughout the United States and the World, but none of them compare to Henry’s Fork. People may argue that Salmon River, New York is the best place; however, this body of water has limitations and drawbacks. At Salmon River, New York, people gather to enjoy the scenery and share stories about fishing time in the past, but Salmon River doesn’t have the consistency compared to Henry’s Fork. “It is a river that only rarely allows itself to be conquered” (Kustich). The fish base at Henry’s Fork is astronomical; the rivers and lakes are kept clean and healthy providing a perfect place for fish to spawn and people to catch them throughout the year.

There are competitor western rivers that battle for the title of best fly fishing location such as the Yakima River in Washington. The Yakima River has similar characteristics to Henry’s Fork, such that both have many tributaries that add to the variety of fish species in the rivers. The water supply for Henry’s Fork comes from different lakes and tributaries that stay constant all year, while on the other hand the Yakima River, “is not wild and out of control and seldom is even during spring runoff because its major source (snowmelt) is carefully controlled by reservoirs and dams” (Probasco). The Yakima River doesn’t supply that all natural and thrilling feeling like Henry’s Fork. Much of the water at Henry’s Fork is untouched by the human hand, so the excitement of the river is still there and always flowing rapidly.

Henry’s Fork stands out to many anglers because of the incredible experiences that they have had there. People have pulled out fish weighing up to 20 pounds at Henry’s Fork, and all of the fish there are worth the fight. When people think of fly fishing they picture artificial flies sitting on top of the water and, “dry fly fishing [there] is world famous” (Tullis). No other place in the world can match the opportunities that Henry’s Fork has to offer, no matter what kind of fishing strikes your mood. Henry’s Fork is so famous for its fly fishing, that there is even a fly named after the place. The Rubber Legs Henry’s Fork Hopper is an imitation grasshopper fly that is named after Henry’s Fork due to its grassy river banks full of grasshoppers that the fish love.

There should be no debate that Henry’s Fork Idaho is the place to go when you are looking to fly fish. No other place can match the scenery, atmosphere, and fishing that Henry’s Fork has to offer. It doesn’t matter what level angler you are; Henry’s Fork accommodates for even the most beginning fisherman. People who travel to Henry’s Fork will never be disappointed, and the only way to believe it is to fish it for yourself.

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