My Walden

June 9, 2011
By Nitro BRONZE, La Mesa, California
Nitro BRONZE, La Mesa, California
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I have decided to go to Africa, more precisely the Democratic Republic of Congo in order to contrast the wide gap of life here in the United States, with that of my house in the deep jungles of the DRC. I have ultimately eliminated up-to-date technology for this four-month period, seeing as how the Congo has other issues to deal with. Along with being technologically incapable, I am not going to be listening to music so that I can experiment and see how being without my iTouch alters my behavior, seeing as how it is an everyday hobby for me.

After arriving to my home for a period of four months, I am already completely shocked and in awe at the living situation, questioning if I will be able to live here for such a time. The interior of my wood-created home, surrounded by trees and wild animals really put me in an awkward state. I decided to just do the best I can and really explore the world around me, putting me at a better place with my self and my surroundings. The first few weeks were tough, but I understand that by eliminating myself of my usual habits of abusing technology, I am actually reaping benefits from this stay, as well as learning that life is more than just material objects.

It has been four months and the last few days of my stay are arriving quickly. My “Walden” in the DRC has been one that I will never forget. Although it was tough at the beginning, now I cannot simply imagine the true importance of computers, or iPods, when there is meaning out there in the world. My stay here made me a stronger and more intellectual person, as I see the struggle of many through my own eyes. I now quickly know how to fend for my self, feed my self, and protect my self from the dangers of the jungle, all by adapting to my surroundings. Life is no longer all about my material items in which I see no true use for, but it is about exploring the wonders of the world, and really understanding why we are here and what each person’s purpose is on earth. I am now fully aware of mine and that is from the stay in the Democratic Republic of Congo

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My own twist of "Walden".

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