May 25, 2011
By CAtlan SILVER, Marietta, Georgia
CAtlan SILVER, Marietta, Georgia
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The sun cooked my delicate skin. The white sand glistened in the sunlight. The waves washed along the gritty shore. Out in Florida’s Emerald Coast is a beautiful place called Destin.

From its tons of specialty shops to its relaxing beaches, Destin is the place for anyone on a warm summer day. The beach is an attraction for any age and the fun ways to enjoy your time are endless. The nonstop winds are great for kite flying and if you are a sports lover, skin boarding, softball, and swimming are enjoyable. Some people come from all over the world just to tan themselves in the bright sun!

There are an infinite number of amazing creatures in the ocean. Fishes, big and small, come from far away to find food. Some hide in the ocean sand while others lightly nibble on your feet, but all you feel is a small tickle. On a perfect day, the water is clear as glass and you can see nearly everything. Crabs burrow in the sand and jellyfish wander on the surface. At night, crab hunting is very popular. All you need is a flashlight and a bucket and you’re ready to hunt. Others days you will be mesmerized by the giant waves curling in the distance, which make great surfing.

Destin is known for its world famous fishing and is called “The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village.” The fish is fresh right from your hook and when fried, it makes a scrumptious dinner. You don’t need a boat in Destin. People fish right off the Emerald coast on boat piers and jetties. If you are interested in deep sea fishing, Destin has some of the finest charter boats to start a wonderful adventure!

If you love shopping till your dropping, you’ll love Destin! It has a variety of different shops for everyone’s taste. Bass Pro Shop is a haven for fishermen and hunters. Silver Sands is full of clothing shops like Banana Republic, Gap, and Guess. It holds a sensational gelato café to cool you off from a hot day. If you’re longing for more sweets, stop by Harry and Davids for fresh baked goods and candies. Destin even makes t shirts and nail polish activated by the sun’s u-v rays that’ll make your body glimmer and shine. This isn’t even the beginning of Destin’s shopping opportunities, so come by and enjoy the fun!

Millions of people come to the Florida Gulfarium to see their extravagant underwater zoo! Dolphins and seals are both a big hit. Their tricks are out of this world and make you gasp from all the amazement. You’ll be getting splashed as dolphins fly in the air in every direction. From your trip here, you won’t just be entertained, but filled with a whole new aspect about animals. Activities for everyone are included as well, so if you want to have a meet and greet with dolphins or feed stingrays, it’s your choice. You can explore the wide range of animals in this park. There are reptiles such as alligators and tortoises along with lots of birds. Penguins are interesting to watch as they waddle around and fly into the water like a rocket! On your way out there will be many souvenirs to take home to remind you of this wonderful trip. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by all the excitement at the Florida Gulfarium and all it offers to you.

The sunset is something you can’t miss before you go! Its soft, warm colors intertwined with each other make it a naturally beautiful sight. Come outside and make it your final memory of a wonderful day with more memories to come!

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