technology's effect on society

May 23, 2011
By Anonymous

Todays society is being destroyed by media. Everybody runs around with their computers, smart phones and I pods without really looking at how they affect our society. It seems that we cannot really look beyond the instant gratification or usefulness of these devises that we use every day. All the information is there for us and we don't realize how devastating it is to ourselves.

Cellphones are carried around almost all the time with us, we use them to talk to each other but ironically they seem to do just the opposite. Cell phone conversations are so impersonal, a cell call is actually a way that we avoid having face to face time with people. Face to face words are much better than a quick relay of information given from the car at a red light in a hurry to get on to wherever it might be going. Text messages are much worse, texts seem to cut out any personality whatsoever from our communication. It would be much better if we could learn to not use our cell phones so often and actually talk to one another.

The Internet also causes major social decay. Social Networking cites like Face book are extremely detrimental, by simply knowing a person's name or having a "friend" in common with somebody you are open to this person. In a few brief seconds somebody can have a page pulled up in front of them with all your personal information on it. Its crazy how much somebody can learn about you in such a short amount of time.

In summery, I believe that today's society suffers greatly from the affects of our technological advancements. We get so caught up in our technological advances that we fail to see what is going on right in front of us.

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