The Mighty Maker

May 22, 2011
By Anonymous

When you go into nature, you realize how great and powerful God really is. The Buffalo River is a great example of His mighty power at work. The sound of the river rushing past is like God’s musical instruments praising His name. The river flows so smoothly and looks like glass. Straight through the freezing cold water, you can see the monstrous rocks and boulders that form the river bed. As you step into the water, the coldness shocks and rejuvenates your system. The feeling is indescribable. As you touch the rocks at the bottom, you can feel the slippery algae that has formed over many years. Be careful not to let your foot slip! You might be swept up and carried away by the river! The sounds of birds and other animals ring through the air to give the wilderness a peaceful melody. As you push the canoe into the water, you can feel how the river pulls the water down the river. The paddles swiftly move through the water to get up to the desired speed. But wait! There are roaring rapids ahead! No big deal for the expert boats man. The sound of the rapids sound are so peaceful. The canoe picks up speed by itself. If the water craft gets sideways, you will probably flip! As you float down the luxurious river, you realize how big and powerful our God is. The giant rocks and mountains proclaim His artistic name.

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