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May 22, 2011
By kangaroolover BRONZE, Oloplll, Other
kangaroolover BRONZE, Oloplll, Other
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"There was this time when everything seemed to have come together. And obviously it was time to go and screw it all up".

To be honest I always quite enjoyed observing people. They are so confusing. Every day I travel to my school by a bus. It is nothing special, really, unless you will find some spare time (between doing homework and playing with your ipod ) and start to watch your lovely public transport companion. You will easily divide the passengers into 4 categories.
Good old blokes
Yes, the ones which you did not see / hear from them from ages. They - have the need to reunite however you feel that a friendly wave from distance would do. There are two subcategories. Firstly , ‘The talkers” - when talking with them all you need to do is nod or show any other sign of paying attention. ‘Talkers’ are willing to share with you loads of information about their love life/family/school/mall sale/new nail polish/ etc and there is no mercy, my friend. Secondly, “ Okeyers” - they excpect that you will do the talking. These cruel beasts make you lift the heaviness of the conversation. So you start asking questions: “ How is your brother?” , “How is your new school?”, “ Have you been to their concert? How was it ? “. After all of the heroic work all you hear is “ Oh, everything is OK.”

Goldies Oldies
Back in the days when I used to wear a school uniform, I was the granny’s favorite. It just amused me that at least twice a week seniors accosted me. They love to chat about the awful school system, decadence of the youth, new cheesecake recipes and onion breeding. If lucky you can also get a chance of hearing about a tumultuous dirty dancing like, romance story. With details. Seriously forget about twilight, take your pensioner for a bus ride!

The ex effect
The group of people that you would like to bump into. Especially after a busy day, with no proper make – up or outstanding outfit. Ex boyfriends , Ex best Friends, Ex mothers in law to be - the list goes forever. But get used to it. The chance you will meet them is as great as the probability that this week Thursday will come just after Wednesday.

Handsome , single , sporty brown eyed desperate lads just waiting until you get on the bus.

Do not delude yourself, they do not exist.

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Random observations.

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