May 12, 2011
By Anonymous

A country that one may want to visit is beautiful Canada. It is located in the Northern Hemisphere, north of the United States. Northern Canada has a cold climate ranging from subarctic to arctic. Southern Canada has a temperate climate. Canada’s capital, Ottawa, is located in the south-eastern region of the country,

The people in Canada are usually described as friendly, which is true. Most Canadians live in the south-eastern region, where the main cities of Toronto and Ottawa are. Canada has a vast variety of occupations. One might think that the people are mainly lumberjacks and make maple syrup, due to popular belief. But, most people work as service providers such as doctors and realtors. Coming from French descent, most Canadians follow the Roman Catholic religion. Another popular religion is Lutheran. The people of Canada will ensure one has an enjoyable vacation!

Canada’s entertainment consists of more than just hockey, as one may assume. Even though one might think Canadians dogsled race and spend all of their time out in the snow, their entertainment is identical to America’s. The people watch TV, play sports, go to the movies, go shopping, and much more, like Americans. A very popular form of entertainment with Canadians is hunting. Canada’s people are big fans of hockey, which is the country’s national winter sport. The summer sport, lacrosse, is also popular entertainment. Since Canada is known for its beautiful landscapes, its people spend much of their time out experiencing their beautiful country. Canada has a variety of entertainment for one to enjoy.

Even though Canada is not well-known for its food, that does not mean it isn’t delicious. An abundance of maple trees brings an abundance of maple syrup. Canadian bacon with a maple glaze is a classic. Western Canadians are the main producers of Canadian bacon. Coming from a small town in British Colombia, Nanaimo Bars are a well-known, popular treat. Canada’s national dish, poutine, is eaten everywhere in the country. It consists of French fries covered in beef gravy and fresh cheese curds. Although Canada’s cuisine is not famous in other parts of the world, Canadians find their native food delicious.

Canada has a vast variety of attractions to visit. It’s breathtaking scenery and mountains are a must-see for an avid hiker or photographer. The Northern Lights, mainly seen in Manitoba, are a popular night attraction. If one should want a city experience, one should visit the CN Tower in Toronto or go shopping at the massive West Edmonton Mall. For sport-lovers, a hockey game may be exciting. The Niagara Falls, Canada’s most famous water feature, is shared by Canada and the U.S., and is a dazzling sight to see. For the more daring, take a river-rafting ride through the wilds of the Yukon for an unforgettable journey. Canada’s attractions make it one of the most visited countries in the world.

The south-eastern region of Canada, where most of the people live, is where the most city-based attractions are. Canada’s entertainment does not differ very much from ours. Our favorite pancake topper, maple syrup, comes from Canada. But, it’s most famous for its wonderful attractions. If one decides to visit, they will be welcomed as if they were family.

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