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May 4, 2011
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It was a cold and chilly morning when my whole family had to wake up early. We had to get up early and get ready to jump in the car and leave for our trip. It was really hard to get up early after being up on a Friday night. On Saturday morning we had to be ready for a long drive to West Virginia.

Since it was a Saturday morning and very early, we didn’t have any time to eat breakfast. Since there aren’t any breakfast places on the road to hurry up go in and go out and have your food I suggested Dunkin Dohnut’s! I think that Dunking Dohnut’s is the best! What’s better than dohnuts for breakfast? So on the way we stopped at a Dunkin Dohnut’s so we could be stuffed and not have to stop anywhere else for food. After that stop the only other stops we would have to do is for lunch, dinner, and restrooms.

After breakfast we were ready to begin our journey to see my grandparents in West Virginia. I was very young and did not understand how long eight hours really was. Every half an hour in the car, I would ask “Are we there yet?” and I would always get the same response back “Not yet son!” my mom said repeatedly to me. Almost every time I asked that question, my mom would use the rear view mirror to show me and my sister how far along the journey we were and how much closer we got.

Finally, after we got done eating dinner we finally arrived to my grandparent’s house! I finally realized how long eight hours is today! When I was little I did not know that eight hours is actually one third of a whole day! After we spent around a week at my grandparent’s house I realized that the trip was worth the drive! We had an awesome time!

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