March 10, 2011
By Anonymous

Americans are looked at by the rest of the world because of the things we do. Most of them are bad but some of them are good. Americans are judged by their character, rudeness, messiness, the way we eat, how we dress, and everything else we do. Some people in the world hate us because of one little thing we do or did. If an American goes to another country and does something wrong the whole country is judged because of it. Some people see America different. They look at America as leaders, changers of the world, people with big hearts that would help a person with anything. Most people in America can be like that.

To be an American means to trust in your government and believe that everything in the world can be right. Americans can help the world be more like it should be. To be an American you should know the star spangled banner and the history of our four fathers. Americans have a whole bunch of pride in not only their country, but also the government and the land that they live on and raise their families on. Americans love to have a good time also. To be an American means to party and have a really good time. When something happens in America we party all night. Our hunters are great too. The hunters have a lot of pride in America.
Another thing that makes a person an American is religion. There are so many different religions in America. Everyone has an opinion about a different religion. Pride in your own religion is what Americans do all the time. Pride is a really big key role in being an American. Americans are good looking also. Many wars and fights in America are over religion and the different beliefs in all the religions in America cause a lot of the fights and war in America. Religion may cause conflicts in America. In any other country there is usually only a couple religions. In America we have every religion. To be free is a big reason people are American also. Freedom is the biggest reason why America is as big as it is right now at this moment.

America is judged all over the world. No matter what people say about Americans we stay standing tall and proud about ourselves. Being proud of your land and your country is a big part of being American.

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I like america

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