“A Place of Joy AKA Vail”

January 1, 2011
By kcwriter78 SILVER, Littleton, Colorado
kcwriter78 SILVER, Littleton, Colorado
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Walking up three flights of stairs up multiple times carrying heavy suit cases isn’t that fun. However, the view at the condo is great. Sitting at the card table you can see two chairlifts and a bunch of snow covered runs. Trees with a blanket of snow can also be seen. The best part of driving here is when you’re turning in and you can see the gondola running and snow falling. In the summer however Vail is green and luscious with trees. In the fall there is snow being made and snow is usually falling some time in late September. Today is October 16, 2010 and from our cozy condo we can see it snowing .It brining me joy to sit at the card table and have a fire going the snow is falling putting a fluffy white blanket of snow over every corner of Vail.
Skiing at Vail is excellent very top notch. Olympic skiers come from all over just to train here or at beaver creek (the new Vail as some people call it.) I am so lucky I have grown up skiing here at Vail they have some of the best instructors after just one seasons I was skiing black diamonds within two seasons . I began to use ski poles. I have been skiing a lot and started when I was five. My place to ski is Vail. It is a place I have skied the most and the only place I have skied more than once (other than a basin for fall skiing). The runs here are harder than at other ski areas so basically if you can only do green circles here you can probably do blue squares at other places.
The sledding at vial out behind my condo is pretty good to I can go out there by my self and stay out for hors making snow angels and sledding. Occasionally some of my friends that have a condo right down the hall will sled with me other times I will take my little cosign. When I take my cousin sledding we always make a jump. We have a great time every time we visit the family condo. The place where we sled is also good for snowball fights something my little brother is to chicken to participate in. When ever I go up to vail during the winter I smile at the winter wonderland where I can grow up that’s why in the end I don’t mind walking up three flights of stairs.

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