Modern Day Music

December 14, 2010
By jeremy sanders BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
jeremy sanders BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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In modern day America, it is very easy to become a famous “musician.” All you have to do is write a vague rhyme that means absolutely nothing, get a mediocre singer to sing it, auto tune it, and wear the correct clothes. After that, ignorant teens will flock you, and there you have it. You have just become a popular artist. Now the radio stations will throw your song in with the other top thirty-nine songs and people all around the nation will try to be you. You will have now made thousands of dollars and can afford to tour and make a full album. Your many fans will wait to see what you put out next. They will all buy the CD without even previewing it. Because you are now so popular, anyone who does not like the trash that you spew out under the name of music will be shunned.

That is not the way the music industry should operate. It should rejoice in the creative mind of those who write real music. Real music is when you spend time thinking about the meaning of the particular piece and then add the tune. True musicians are not doing it for the money, they do it because they believe in the message that they are trying to send out and they find the act enjoyable. The moment that is lost their career as a musician is through. These musicians can generate from any genre of music, and are a universal occurrence.

The public image of musical celebrities is shallow. Only what is popular to everyone is played on the radio. Top forty radio shows rule the airwaves. In order to find any real music one has to delve into the world of college radio stations. These independent stations are made up of something forgotten by the average American; radio shows. These shows are short intervals in which the station plays a certain theme of music. These are off genre, association, or artist. These shows mean that people of all different musical opinions can listen to one station and find something they like or something that they do not like. They introduce listeners to new music that they like or dislike.
The entire point of music is a grouping of particular notes and lyrics that appeal to your senses. This by definition means that no two people like all of the same music. They will have their differences in genres, artists, and songs. In modern America, people lose all of their individual opinions and are grouped into one communal whole. If the industry says that he/she is the hot new thing, too many people believe it. One should not base their own opinions on other’s views. People should get out and establish their own musical library based on what they find interesting, and not what others do.

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