My Vacations

December 12, 2010
By Anonymous

In the past twelve or thirteen years, my family and I have gone on vacations to several different places around the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. We have been to Sanibel Island, Florida, Turks and Caicos, Grand Cayman, and Riviera Maya, Mexico. You are probably thinking that list isn’t very long for a ten-year span, but if we find a place that we like we will keep going back until we get tired of it.

My family includes my older sister, mom, dad, aunt, uncle, my two younger cousins and my grandparents. We have a blast during our travels because we all get along so well, until it gets towards the end of the trip and we get tired of each other. Even when I play with my cousins and sister, I have a fun time because they are super funny, and I enjoy spending time with them.

The usual schedule for the trip is to have a limo pick my sister, mom, dad, and me up. Next we travel a short couple of miles during the sunrise to pick up my very excited, but cranky cousins, as well as my aunt and uncle. We then adventure over to the airport and meet the grandparents while we wait to board the first plane. When we reach our destination, we pick up our car. My parents usually rent a bulky white van, stop at the grocery store on our way to the massive house that we rent for about ten days to hold the large family and me.

After we get settled in the amazing house, my sister, cousins, and I throw on our swimming suits and run to the beach. Last year we got into a sand fight, but some angry adults shortly ended it. At night we get cleaned up while the mothers get dinner ready. After dinner, we go outside and play on the hammocks, walk along the beach, or watch some of our favorite movies, which include School of Rock and High School Musical. We go to bed after our nightly fun, so we can get and early start in the morning, even though I usually wake up early to screaming kids in the kitchen.

Most afternoons we go on adventures out to the real world. We go shopping, eating, and visit different landmarks in the area. Last year we went to the Mayan Ruins and rode bikes through the trails like the Sound of Music. Or we may travel to a good snorkeling sight that we have heard about. I have seen some beautiful ocean wonders during my trip. I was swimming through a school of jellyfish and didn’t even realize it until we got back to the boat. My aunt asked me if I had seen them. They looked liked little bubbles everywhere.

One of my all time favorite spots to go is Sanibel Island. I have been going to Sanibel since I was four until Hurricane Ivan hit. The most excellent restaurant in Sanibel is called The Bubble Room. They have the best cake ever, standing twelve inches tall and wider than my face, combined with the rich icing, spongy cake, it is melt in your mouth goodness. We liked it so much that we would go everyday and get to-go orders of our favorite kind of cake to have for dessert. My favorite is the red velvet cake.

As you can see, I love to travel with my family to all different locations by the ocean. I have gained so many memories every time I travel. Plus traveling with my family helps me to learn something new everyday of my vacation. My family teaches me so many new things all the time. I’m very grateful for the learning experience and for them.

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