A Night in Venice

November 20, 2010
By lovealex513 SILVER, Gulfport, Mississippi
lovealex513 SILVER, Gulfport, Mississippi
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As the delicious aroma of a freshly-baked pizza topped with zesty mozzarella cheese wafts up from the outdoors restaurant, it mingles with the pungent, metallic stench of diesel from a motor-powered boat. Also coming from the animated restaurant, the beautiful and melodious music from a live band, floats over the nearly still river until it fades away into nothing more than a whisper. At the edge of the river, several well-used boats, both motor-powered and gondolas alike, have been tied tightly to posts, thus keeping the rusty boats, which serve as transportation for the restaurant patrons, from disappearing down the river. In the middle of the black river, drifts a gondola, whose gondolier's song reverberates off of the ancient buildings as he rhythmically pulls his paddle through the water. Occasionally, a cool breeze carefully caresses his aged face. On the other side of the river, rest several seemingly abandoned and neglected buildings, which watch over the surrounding town and river, as they have done for hundreds of years. Here, in this place touched only minimally by light, where the paint peels and no window has been lit, the town lies still.

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