October 16, 2010
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As the screeching sound of the jet ceased, I felt the sensation of weightlessness. This signaled that I was on my way to Paris, France. When I learned that I was going to

Europe I couldn’t believe it. I thought of the Tower of London, Eifel Tower, Coloseum, Big Ben, Notre Dame, and other famous monuments. But before we could go, I had to apply for a passport, purchase luggage and travel clothes while my parents planed the itinerary.
The food I ate in Europe was a total different experience rather than eating cheeseburgers and nachos. The food was amazing. We ate sandwiches of only ham and cheese. The vendors on the streets were awesome. There were crepes stands, fruit stands, candy stands and many more. I tried raw beef for the first time in my life. It was a big mound of muscle which tasted like cow sushi but it was really delicious and it came with five different sauces. The ice cream came in many different varieties including Nutella, white chocolate, spicy chocolate, lemon, and many other bizarre flavors. But the most important thing is that the French were welcoming.
Reluctantly, we left Paris and took a train to Italy. I don’t think my sister enjoyed the view it as much as I did because she just listened to her iPod and went to sleep in the pop-out beds. But as for me, I looked out the window at the beautiful countryside of France and realized how different we live than Europeans. We arrived in Milan very early in the morning and went to a coffee shop around the corner. I ordered hot chocolate but was given hot pudding. Hot pudding was not the only appetizing item. The pizza was bon gusto (very good)! The seasoning was just right, the tomato sauce was boiled and added not precise but still awesome and the mozzarella cheese was sliced and baked to perfection.
Cities were scattered with ruins. We saw some ancient castles and villages full of crumbling towers and disintegrating houses. We also went to a city of ancient volcanic ruins. Pompeii. This city is short on people but full of dogs that sleep in fading homes and shaded dirt mounds of old buildings and temples.
We took a ferry to a beautiful coastal region known as Sorrento. The water was so clear you could see twenty feet down into the blue abyss. The environment was so different it felt like being in another world. We walked down a steep dirt path to a hidden cove where the azure Tyrranian Sea was sparkling like diamonds. I leaped in from a jagged rock hanging over the beautiful sea. The water felt very refreshing but unexpectingly warm. When my head sank underwater I saw a fuzzy picture of the creatures that live in cracks and under boulders. Some ruins were even left underwater!
We took a train over to what used to be the center of the world, the most power full city in all the land. The Roman Empire fell many years ago but ruins are still evident. I could look out the window of our hotel and see a magnificent temple known as the Pantheon. We took a train over to the oldest section of Rome. There we saw the amazing Coloseum, the Forum, and the huts of Romulus and Remus. We walked to a wine tasting restaurant were my dad ordered cod with apple and I ordered thin slices of roast beef with white grape jelly. The great Trevi Fountain was sparkling with the coins with the hope that you will return.

This trip was eye opening because it allowed me to experience different ways of travel, Rome, Sorrento, REAL Italian cuisine, and I solved the mystery about the French’s personality. I know I will be back because I flipped a coin in the Trevi which guaranteed my return.

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