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October 16, 2010
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1.8 million dollars, that’s how much ex baseball player, Bobby Bonilla will make every year for 25 years, adding up to an astounding 29.8 million dollars. But get this he’s not doing a thing. As most working adults are working hard to earn a decent living, Bobby is relaxing somewhere in the world, maybe even on a yacht or private plane, making 1.8 million dollars a year. Some people don’t even make 1.8 million dollars in their entire working lives, which can be forty years or more. You could work like a dog, even with a decent job, but most people will never make even close to as much money as Mr. Bonilla will make. Should someone doing so little really make so much, and all just because of a piece of paper with the Mets financial managers signature at the bottom? In my opinion if a person is not contributing any kind of work to a community or cause they should not be paid, especially not 1.8 million dollars a year. As a teenager about to go into the job market that does not sound fair. For the past few years I’ve heard stories that there aren’t enough jobs, and that if there were more money that could all change, well 29.8 million dollars sounds like a lot of money to me. So you decide, do you think people like Bobby Bonilla, who doesn’t work, should get paid through the nose, or should hard working Americans, laboring every day to survive, get their well-deserved chance to make a fair amount of money?

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