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October 14, 2010
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This reminds me of summer 2010. They day I lost a friend, well a best friend. We were out in the beach on a sunny day, all day. I remember getting there really early, so early the sun wasn’t even out! Are you kidding me? Although it was so hard to get up, we all eventually did. When we got to the beach, the waves were still very strong at that time. We spent the whole day inside the water fighting against the sun. It was so bright that day; I started to see black imaginary dots in the sky. The water was as blue as the sky and it was so beautiful. Melanie and I tanned in the white sand while my brothers built sand castles. I could smell hot dogs and hamburgers from a distance and oh boy were they great.
The point is our moms got in an argument. Not just any argument though, it was a very disagreeable one. I’d love to tell you what happened but I promised not to talk about it to anyone but what I will tell you was that this was my best friend for 6 years and after this day I never had the chance to talk to her again. We grew up together and went through a lot of things, like transforming from a young girl in to a young adult. We both learned how to be independent in life because she basically raised her own self and I basically raised my 2 younger brothers. Our lives both had a lot of things in common, things that only we were able to understand each other in without criticizing because we both lived it. When people criticized us about the way we looked, walked or even spoke we just kept walking together but after the day of the argument it was a disaster. I almost felt as if it was a dream and every now and then I hesitate and ask myself if it was. I then learned that not all friendships last forever even though you wish they would. Things happen for several reasons and I have a great example. When you have a best friend you are supposed to tell each other everything and well we did but what’s the point of it now if we haven’t even said one word to each other after that. Well let me correct that, we have but it was only “I miss you.” And an “I miss you too.”
I am very sad and hurt but at the same time I feel relieved. Relieved because we both always disagreed on things and would fight sometimes like any friendship would, I think? I also think you would feel the same way because it was a choice I had to make between my mom and Melanie and of course I chose my mom. I think you would have to.

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