The Hard Life of the Civialians in Chad

September 30, 2010
By BradenBecknell GOLD, Portland, Texas
BradenBecknell GOLD, Portland, Texas
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The people that live in Chad have very hard and stressful lives. The capital city is N'Dajamena with a population of six hundred one thousand five-hundred (Factbook). The population of the country is ten million 328, 208 with a population density of 20.8 tenths per mile. (Factboook)

The ethnic groups that live in this area are Sara, Arab, Mayo-Kebbi, and Kanem-Bornou which make up 65.2% of the country. The main religions of Chad are Muslims with fifty-three and one tenth percent, Catholic with 20.1%, Protestant with 14.2%, and Animist with seven and three tenths percent. There are 3 main languages with 200 other various languages spoken throughout the country. These main languages are French, Arabic, and Sara.

The people that live in Chad make about 1,900 dollars a year which is extremely low compared to the average 60,000 dollars a year for the United States. (CIA,org) Eighty-three percent of the population is in agriculture as of 1993. The percent of population in manufacturing is nine as of 1993.

The president is elected directly by popular vote for a 5 year term. (Wikipedia) The president has the power to choose the prime minister and cabinet, along with a giant influence over the judges, generals, and officials. (Haine) The current president of Chad is Idriss Déby. It is not unusual for a man living in Chad to get married multiple times and have over a dozen children as does Idriss.

Other countries of the world think differently of Chad as it has made the Forbes list of," Most Corrupt Country" (Forbes). The International Community (USIP) has tried and is still trying to help Chad out of their desperate times. There have been five unending years of Civil War since December 2005. The war was started between the Chadian government and several Chadian rebel groups. The rebel groups represent the United Front for Democratic Change, United Forces for Development and Democracy, Gathering of Forces for Change, and the National Accord of Chad. The Tripoli Agreement was made February 2006 which only lasted two short months.

Even without a continuous Civil War going on, Chad is suffering issues of low amount of pure drinking water (Sudan Tribune). The Chadians use water without a thought that it might run out. What they never thought of is happening. There is not enough drinkable water to support the population of Chad.

The major agricultural products include but are not limited to: cotton, rice, potatoes, peanuts, cattle, goats, and camels. Manufactured products are soap and oil. Imports for Chad include machinery and transportation equipment, industrial goods, and food. The merchandise Chad ships out is oil, cotton, and gum arabic.

If I was the president of Chad, I would immediately discuss treaties and other agreements with the United Front for Democratic Change, United Forces for Development and Democracy, Gathering of Forces for Change, and the National Accord of Chad. The majority of the rebel groups want their own land and to be separate from Chad, either that or become in charge of the country. I would also offer to help build housing for these civilians. Afterwards, I would deal with the growing population and the water supply. I believe there is many ways to help supply clean water, an example of those would be to make rules and regulations on how and how not to use the water. Some of the rules would be simple like no pouring water on each other. Just walk to either Salamai Wadi, Logone, or Chari River, all located in the southern part of Chad. For those who live in the northwestern part, there are no rivers or lakes nearby, so they would be the exception to the rule. Another rule would be that you cannot bath your animals during the day unless your one in one of the rivers or at Lake Chad. This may seem like a strange rule, but during the daylight hours the rate of evaporation is much higher. Also, a cleaning system of toxins and salt would be a necessity.

Chad should also try to get along with each other better so they won’t have a Civil War. A war with other countries would be more reasonable than fighting with your own country. That just shows that there is weakness and other countries could come and take over.

There are many ongoing and upcoming issues with Chad and the population. I find it of extreme importance for the United States and other first world countries to help bring peace to Chad.

The author's comments:
I had to write this for Geography, but it's pretty good. I hope you realize how much of a need there is, to help support Chad and other third world countries.

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