Crazy White Girl in the Ghetto

September 8, 2010
By Anonymous

When people think about where I come from one word comes to mind, ghetto. I was always told in high school that I went to the ghetto school, the bad part of town, the sleazy part of town. The weird thing is that I am totally cool with that. You might think that I am nuts, I like living in a place where there’s drive bys, stabbings and theft? And my repley is heck yeah!!! I learned a sense of different cultures living where I do, which is a shock for me considering my skin color is the color of printer paper. But living in a predominantly white family erases any type of culture I had through my family. We’re not religious, we’re a mixture of everything, and everybody is dead. I was at lost, until I started living in my city. I realized how many cultures blossomed outside my door. All I had to do was find them. I loved it. So yes I am white and happy to be from the “bad” part of town.

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